Andy Jacobson

team_jacobsonAndrew D. Jacobson

Associate Professor and Director of the Environmental Sciences Program
Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences
Northwestern University
2145 N. Sheridan Road
Evanston, IL  60208-3130
Phone: 847-491-3132
FAX: 847-491-8060


About Andy

My students and I specialize in aqueous and radiogenic isotope geochemistry. We combine fieldwork, laboratory experiments, and modeling to quantify chemical, physical, and biological phenomena that cycle elements and their isotopes at the Earth’s surface. Many activities use isotopes to probe the compositional evolution of the Earth, at timescales spanning the geological to human. Others aim to elucidate the fundamental behavior of isotopes themselves, including their distribution, transport, and possible fractionation within and between Earth’s biogeochemical reservoirs. Of prime interest is isotopically tracking the flow, transformation, and distribution of carbon. Several projects focus on mineral weathering and precipitation reactions that cycle carbon and other elements, link inorganic and organic aspects of the Earth system, and control the geochemistry of soils, rivers, aquifers, seawater, and the atmosphere. Related efforts seek to understand the causes and consequences of climate change in deep time and the modern day.